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Chrysler 300c Swirl Port Emulator (suit CRD saloon & tourer models 2005 > 2010)

Chrysler 300c CRD Swirl Port Emulator.

Emulates functioning swirl port motor and thus eliminates ETC / MIL warning lights and removes limp mode caused by a failed Swirl Port Motor / Intake Manifold Runner faults such as P1270, P2015.

Compatible with any vehicle fitted with the Mercedes OM642 3.0L V6 CrD engine such as Jeep Grand Cherokee / Mercedes.

Fitting: remove intake pipe to expose intake ‘mouth of Turbo’, unplug multi connector to Swirl Motor located under and to the right of Turbo intake mouth. Plug the emulator into the car side wiring harness leaving the swirl motor unconnected. Reassemble and start. Lights and / or limp mode should immediately extinguish.

£ 39.99

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