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Fitted to most modern Diesels a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a filter component trapping and periodically burning off matter found within exhaust gases. All good, with exception of the huge restriction to exhaust flow and subsequent reduction in performance that it causes. For so long the ‘Holy Grail’ for Chrysler 300c CRD’s has been to remove the DPF and gain performance without tripping codes and limp Mode, but now available at The Custom 300c Shop, an error free complete DPF removal solution. We now offer this pre fabricated DPF delete pipe which in association with our DPF delete software allows quick and easy DPF removal. Simply remove rear sensor pipe from DPF, loosen exhaust clamp one end of the DPF, unbolt flange at the other and replace with this component re securing sensor pipe. Flash ECU with new map and enjoy the extra performance.

CAUTION: must only be used in conjunction with DPF delete remap.  


Chrysler 300c DPF Delete Pipe (suits Diesel saloon & tourer models running DPF delete software 2005 > 2010)

£ 149.99