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Now available by the Custom 300c Shop - Angel Eye / HALO headlight conversions using the latest COB design LED technology.

Of course many ‘across the pond’ have been doing this mod to their 300c’s for a few years but it something 300c owners have refrained from in the UK in fear of ruining their headlights because of the risks involved in baking to split the lens from the body of the lamp. Both the temperature and timing of the baking is critical. Too lower a temperature or insufficient time and attempting to open the lamp you’re likely to break or bend something, too hot and/or too long and, well, you’ll have a mountain of melted plastic in the oven to clean up, a £350 or so bill for a replacement lamp plus possibly, the wrath from the wife.

Till now the only alternative has been aftermarket lights pre fitted with HALO’s but they aren’t advised for UK use for three reasons.

1) From factory they are produced for Left hand drive markets so the direction of light is handed incorrectly for the UK and will blind oncoming traffic.

2) The lights are not appropriately approved for UK use so if a user were to be involved in an accident questions would inevitably arise by both the insurer and authorities.

3) Aftermarket lights produced for the 300c do not have self levelling devices for HID lighting, which is an MOT failure and a ‘road legal requirement’ in the UK. The only alternative to this is to fit standard filament bulbs which are not as strong as HID's.

Another aspect with most aftermarket lamps is that the HALO ring effect is by way of a couple of small LED’s which produce a very weak light almost in detectable during daylight.

Chrysler 300c Angel Eye / HALO Headlights by The Custom 300c Shop

The only alternative therefore is the conversion of OEM headlights, but even if you’re willing to take the risk to open your lamps, how do you get around the problem of doing without your headlights for the time needed to convert them?

The answer is headlights converted by us with fully installed and wired Angel Eye / HALO LED rings. Three options are available depending on the condition of your lights and your preference.

Option 1 - Straight Exchange

We can send you a set of headlamps pre converted with HALOs’ and once fitted you’ll return your set to us.

Cost from £249.99, plus £25 P&P (inc. Insurance).

A deposit of £500 will be charged to the customer and refunded upon receipt of unmarked / undamaged customer lights (see option 1. under terms below). Price excludes postage cost of the return of your lamps (paid by customer). Please note: This service is only available for customers with headlights in unmarked condition.

Option 2 - Lamp Conversion Service

If you’re able to spare your car off the road (headlightless) for the conversion (approx. 7 days) you can send us your headlights for the conversion.

Cost from £249.99, plus £25 P&P (inc. Insurance).

Price excludes postage cost of sending your lamps to us (paid by customer).

Option 3 - Lamp Conversion Service inc Loan Lamps.

If either your lamps are marked/damaged or you would prefer to keep your own Headlights we can loan a set to you and convert your headlights. This means that your car will not have to be off the road during the time needed to carry out the conversion.

Cost from £249.99, plus £20 for loan lamp facility and P&P at £50 (inc. Insurance)

Please note the postage costs are considerable with this option since 4 x ‘postage trips’ are needed i.e. loan set to customer, customer set to us, converted set back to customer, customer return of loan lamps back to us. Postage price quoted excludes customer to us ‘postage trips’

Bezel Painting is available at + £65. We prime and paint the headlight bezel/reflector housing (please note we mask off and do not paint the indicator rear reflector since this would reduce the light emitted by the indicator lamp considerably). Standard is matt black, but other colours such as grey & white are available. Please note we do not offer paintwork colour matching colours. Please contact us for bookings

Specific terms and conditions for this service, PLEASE READ as, by ordering this service you are acknowledging and accepting the following :-

Option 1 - Straight Exchange requires that the customers headlights are in unmarked condition. This means that the lenses must be free of stone chips/scratches/weathering. Clear, High Resolution images should be emailed to us so we can confirm if we can offer this service.

Customers must remove all headlamp ancillaries such as ballasts, bulbs and wiring harnesses (ballast to HID dipped beam bulb cable, indicator/sidelight harness).

If receiving loan lamps, please ensure that they are returned to us within 3 days of receipt of your converted lamps, via a next day postal service. We reserve the right to deduct a daily rental charge from deposits if loan lamps are not returned to us in a timely manner. If you will be unable to organise the changeover quickly please contact us to specifically arrange.

Whilst we take every care when carrying out the conversion, by the very nature of the opening process (splitting the lens from body) some minor marks along the lens/body seam/gutter on converted lamps may be visible. These marks however are not seen once fitted (unless lifting the bonnet). Also, as some force is required to open the lamps (even after baking) it is impossible to guarantee against the breakage of one or two of the mechanical clips. Breakage of the clips does not affect resealing or structural integrity of the lamps.

Headlight condensation even in new factory headlights is common and many Car Manufacturers including Honda fit Silica Gel packs as standard within their headlights to negate the problem. We take every care so as to reseal adequately which includes the prior removal of old sealant and resealing using a Butyl Rubber sealant which is commonly used during manufacture. We cannot though guarantee against condensation which is an inherent risk when opening sealed headlights. We do supply Silica Gel packs which can be placed within the headlamps and which should eliminate any humidity within lamps and leave condensation free. These silica gel bags do require changing or recharging periodically.

The warranty period for the conversion is 6 months from the date of customer receipt of the lamps, whether or not they were fitted directly upon receipt. During this time we will replace any faulty LED ring or repair any bezel paintwork issue (if so opted).

Collection / changing out / installation service may be available from (BA14 - Wiltshire). Please contact us for further information.

Fancy having a go yourself?

Now available is our HALO / Angel Eye LED kit comprising of the four LED rings an LED controllers needed for the conversion. Suits Saloons and Tourers 2005 to 2010.


We’re sorry that no specific instruction as to installation are included but web searches should provide information as to how to carry out the conversion.

HALO / Angel Eye LED Kit

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